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"New Book Reveals A Little-Known Crypto Bot Trading System That Can Potentially Generate Profits Of 9% - 30% A Month Or More, Completely Automatically - In An Up, Sideways Or Down Market!"

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Here Are Some Stunning Returns That The 9th Wonder Of The World Crypto Bot Trading System Could Generate Even In A "Bear" Market - Completely Passively!

Column 1 ("Bot Profits") shows the total amount of returns generated in the time shown in Column 2 ("Txns/Time").

Column 3 ("Avg. daily") shows the average returns per day, which is the total returns divided by the time taken.

Starting from the bottom, notice that Crypto 5 (its name is hidden for now) returned a total of 5.96% in 14 days and 13 hours, or an average of 0.42% a day.

Crypto 4 returned 4.13% in 9 days 6 hours, or an average of 0.45% a day.

Crypto 3 returned 5.54% in 9 days 6 hours, or an average of 0.61% a day.

Crypto 2 returned 21.48% in 18 days 7 hours, or an average of 1.19% a day.

And Crypto 1 returned 54.3% in 27 days 12 hours, or an astonishing 2.01% a day!

Did I mention that all the returns shown were generated during a "down" cryptocurrency market?

This means you can expect even higher returns when the cryptocurrency market is on a tear!

Now the results you see will not be exactly the same for everyone even if you choose the same cryptocurrencies to auto-trade. This is because you will be entering the market at different times.

Your returns can be lower -- or even higher -- than that seen. Nevertheless, it shows you what the 9th Wonder Of The World can do, and you need to pay serious attention to it.

What Is The 9th Wonder Of The World?

The 9th WONDER OF THE WORLD is an ingenious 100% passive cryptocurrency trading system using a crypto bot trading system that can generate returns on your investment that are far higher than the returns you can get from your usual investments.

This is achieved by using a little-known proven trading concept, a powerful auto-trading software and advanced strategies to maximise your returns while minimising your risks so that your returns are generated for you while you are working during the day, or when you're on holiday, or when you are sleeping!

And as a result...The 9th Wonder Of The World is an amazing income generator that works for you with absolutely no effort on your part!

Whether you're a crypto trading beginner, or an advanced crypto trader, you will want to use The 9th Wonder Of The World!

The 9th Wonder Of The World is an easy, effortless and stress-free method using powerful, automated crypto bot trading strategies to enable you to earn profits 100% passively

Before I discovered The 9th Wonder Of The World, I was struggling with being an active cryptocurrency trader for years and was on the verge of giving up.

I was working hard to understand all the deeply technical aspects of their price movements so that I could spot their signals of when to enter and exit the market with the cryptocurrencies of my choice.

But there are a ton of signals to consider, and they all required that I constantly monitor the market for potential profit-taking opportunities at a moment's notice which caused me to be constantly stressed out and gave me sleepless nights.

Worse of all, the more I learned, the more work I needed to do.

Which led me to questioning everything and eventually discovering a much better way than all the hard work that is required of every active trader.

Is there a way to not do anything myself and still earn good returns trading cryptocurrencies on a daily basis?

It turned out there is!

The basic method has been out there for a while, but most people don't even know it exists. This method is made better with better and smarter software and advanced cryptocurrency trading strategies for profit maximisation and risk minimisation.

I call this system, and the crypto trading bots it creates, "The 9th Wonder Of The World".

It's everything I had wished for in a cryptocurrency trading system as it requires little to no effort on my part to start generating profits every single day.

And the results are clear. Not only does it work really well, it has brought in returns that are far higher than any other "passive" trading system I have tried before. Yes, even in this "bear" market!

And now you can set this system up on your own. And you can get started immediately. And I really mean immediately. You will see your results within hours, and oftentimes within minutes -- even when you are sleeping.

To understand exactly how it works and as your first step to own this system forever, you need only download "The 9th Wonder Of The World" ebook right now for only $29 (instead of the regular price of $49 - you save $20).

Download The 9th Wonder Of The World Ebook Now

Here Are Some Real Results With Real Money From 9WOW Members:


1. All lessons and FAQs from the Telegram Group have been transferred to the 9WOW member area for ease of learning.

2. Your results may vary as you may not be auto-trading the same cryptocurrencies at the same time in the same market conditions.

Here Are The 3 Simple Steps To Take For A 100% Passive Crypto Bot Trading System That Can Generate Potential Returns Of Between 0.3% - 1.0% Or Higher Per Day On Your Capital - Completely Hands Free

Step 1 - Understand How The 9th Wonder Of The World Works

Buy The 9th Wonder Of The World ebook right here to fully understand how it can generate those high returns on complete auto-pilot. It really is 100% passive once it's set up, because it uses cryptocurrency trading bots to do the work fo ryou. This book gives you the details on how and why this auto-trading system can be so passive, and works no matter if the market is up, down or sideways!

Step 2 - The Setup

Follow the instructions in the member area to set up The 9th Wonder Of The World so that you have a perpetual money-making machine that earn much higher returns on your capital. This will take about 30 mins once time and you're done. Once it is set up, you will own The 9th Wonder Of The World forever, as nobody can stop it working for you, except you.

Step 3 - The High-Performing Cryptocurrencies

Once this system is set up you'll also easily discover which cryptocurrencies have been performing very well over the past few days so that you can start to auto-trade them as well to immediately earn your returns! Watch in amazement as your returns start to come in within hours -- and oftentimes within minutes! Yes, even during a "down" market!

And that's not all, because...

Here's What Else You're Going To Discover In The 9th Wonder Of The World

  • How To Really Make Money With Cryptocurrencies Whether The Market Is Up, Down Or Sideways
    The 9th Wonder Of The World works no matter what the market conditions may be. It can give equally high returns during an up, down or sideways market. This is important, because you don't have to wait until the "market recovers" as you can now make money trading cryptocurrencies at any time.

  • How Most Cryptocurrency Traders Make This Mistake And Lose Money All The Time (And What To Do Instead)
    The majority of cryptocurrency investors follow one of two methods, despite not being equipped to do either one. In doing so, they lose money more often than not. Discover what this mistake is and how you can avoid it with the 9th Wonder Of The World.

  • The 1 Simple Rule That Always Makes You A Profit
    This method is at the heart of the 9th Wonder Of The World and consists of only one simple rule which is executed multiple times a day for you, automatically.

  • The Foundation For The 9th Wonder Of The World That A Genius Marveled At
    Albert Einstein, who gave us a much deeper understanding of our universe, gushed over a simple wealth creation method that doubles your money over time with absolutely zero effort. He called that system The 8th Wonder Of The World. But The 9th Wonder Of The World increases the effectiveness of that system by a factor of 12 or more - thus cutting down the time needed to increase your wealth to just a fraction of the time others need!

  • The 4 Reasons Why The Cryptocurrency Market Is The Best Place To Make Your Money
    These 4 reasons enable you to make MORE MONEY in the cryptocurrency market than any other markets in existence today -- including the stock, commodities and forex markets.

  • Why Critics Of Cryptocurrencies Are DEAD WRONG And Mostly Protecting Themselves -- Not You
    Once you understand why they say what they say, you'll start to understand why the cryptocurrency market is not only the quickest way to create your wealth, but also has a lot more assets than all the other markets combined -- giving you many more opportunities you would not have otherwise.

  • The 2 Main Reasons Why Some Governments And Banks Are Against Cryptocurrencies
    These 2 reasons are what all of us would want, but it's not good for them both. Once you know what they are, you'll begin to understand why they behave this way.

  • The 15 Main Benefits Of Cryptocurrencies
    What values do cryptocurrencies have? Discover 15 of them -- and they're only for the basic ones. Others have even more!

  • Why Are Cryptocurrencies So Volatile?
    The answer is a combination of one of the major benefits of cryptocurrencies and a single external factor.

  • Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Volatility In The Cryptocurrency Market
    Volatility will continue to exist for as long as cryptocurrencies exist, because the nature of cryptocurrencies themselves causes the volatility. This isn't a bad thing, because 9th Wonder Of The World taps into this volatility to earn you the high returns that you want!
  • Why Negative Views About Cryptocurrencies By Some Governments And Influential Billionaires Can Actually Help You Make More Money With The Cryptocurrency Market
    This seems odd, but it's true. So The 9th Wonder Of The World owners don't worry about "negative news" which affect the cryptocurrency market in particular. Discover why this is the case.

  • The 4 Powerful Concepts Used In The 9th Wonder Of The World That Make It 100% Passive To Operate
    These 4 concepts run counter to most active trader's way of operations, yet The 9th Wonder Of The World's returns can beat most active traders' returns by a mile -- even though it's 100% passive!

  • The 4 Simple Steps To Get Your 9th Wonder Of The World Set Up
    One of those steps is securing your accounts so that only you have access to them for you to add your capital to them, and for you to withdraw your capital and profits at any time. Discover what the other 3 steps are.

  • The 3 Settings To Make For Each Cryptocurrency You Want To Auto-Trade
    You can easily set each cryptocurrency up in less than 5 minutes at first, and later, within 2 minutes once you have done it a couple of times!

  • Different Configurations, Different Results
    Different market conditions require different settings, so you will need to understand how to make different configurations work in each.

  • Where You Should Go To Find The Cryptocurrencies You Want To Auto-Trade
    There are currently over 20,000 cryptocurrencies and counting. Find the best resource for the top cryptocurrencies to consider auto-trading.

  • The 3 main pieces of data to look at for each cryptocurrency you want to consider auto-trading
    These 3 are the most important factors for you to consider before choosing any cryptocurrency to auto-trade.

  • The 1 Step To Take After All Setup And Configurations Are Done
    This step enables you to have a very clear idea of which cryptocurrencies have the most potential to perform well from your shortlist of cryptocurrencies.

  • The Final Indicator That Tells You Which Cryptocurrencies Will Be The High-Performing Ones
    This data from this step will jump out at you and you will be able to see with absolute clarity which cryptocurrencies are the high-performing ones. At this point, you will do a 2-minute configuration and then sit back and relax as your auto-trading activity will begin immediately.

  • How Your Money Is Under Your Control At All Times
    You never hand your money over to any "organiser" to trade your cryptocurrencies for you, as there is no organiser. You can also withdraw your capital and returns at any time of the day and at any day of the week!

  • How your returns can be made within hours, and oftentimes minutes
    The secret is in the basic trading concept, that is created to generate returns as quickly as possible. Add in a special software and advanced strategies and you have an auto-trading system on steroids. Discover what they all are!

And Here's My 100% Money Back Guarantee


Buy The 9th Wonder Of The World ebook now. If you are not blown away by what you will discover, simply let us know via e-mail within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund you unconditionally.

You can't lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for and who will benefit most from reading this?

The 9th Wonder Of The World is for the super lazy, super busy, technically challenged, working-all-day entrepreneurs or employees, stay-at-home moms and dads, stressed out stock, forex and cryptocurrency active traders and more. It's perfect for both the cryptocurrency trading beginner, or the advanced cryptocurrency trader.

I want this, what exactly am I getting?

You will discover a little-known 100% passive system that auto-trades cryptocurrencies for you all day long, everyday to get your returns that can be higher than most other investments you know.

How is this different from all the other stuff out there?

The 9th Wonder Of The World is truly 100% passive once you have set it up, that can generate potentially much higher returns than any other passive system you may have used. There is no organiser, you never hand your money over to anyone to "trade for you" nor do you "copy a Master Trader's trades" at any time.

Is there a guarantee?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not blown away by what you will learn in the ebook, simply let us know and we will refund you 100%, no questions asked.

Download The 9th Wonder Of The World Ebook Now


The content within the 9th Wonder Of The World book and all related websites and social media accounts is educational in nature and does not constitute legal, investing or financial advice. Blockchain assets including cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and risky investments that may give extremely high returns but can also result in significant losses and liability. You understand that you alone will bear any losses that may arise from your blockchain assets investing activities. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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